Can the email be customized?

The email text and subject can be customized. Valid email variables are {{shop_name}}, {{customer_first_name}}, {{customer_last_name}} and {{order_url}}. The email text may contain HTML. {{order_url}} prints out a link for the abandoned order with the text "Click here to complete your order!" If you would like to output just the link and enter your own link text you can use the {{order_url_plain}} variable. The link can be localized like this: <a href="{{order_url_plain}}">Cliquez ici pour compléter votre commande!</a>

What qualifies as an abandoned order?

By default orders are considered abandoned if they have not had payment details entered for over an hour. If you select to send emails daily this criteria is changed to 12 hours.

When is an order considered recovered?

Orders that are completed after being abandoned are considered recovered.

What email address is used to email from?

Your customer support email for your Shopify shop is used. If no customer support email for your shop exists your Shopify account email is used. You can change the email being used at any time from the Abandon Aid dashboard.

How is the customer's email address known?

An order is abandoned only after the user has entered a valid email address and shipping / billing address on the checkout page. The email address that they entered on that page is used to email the abandoned order notification to.

How many times are the emails sent to a customer?

Email reminders are only sent once. Any more would start to annoy customers!

Does Abandon Aid detect when a customer placed an order shortly after abandoning a previous order?

Yes. Abandon Aid is conservative when identifying orders as abandoned. If a customer has abandoned multiple orders in a short period of time, they will only receive one abandoned order reminder email.

Can Abandon Aid see abandoned order from before the app was installed?

No. While this is technically possible, we have seen extremely low recovery rates on abandoned orders that are older than 24 hours. Because of this we have not implemented this feature.

What are some tips for increasing my recovery rate?

Personalize your email template - the personal touch will make your emails stand out and your customers remember your shop! Offer an incentive - Sometimes a small coupon can make the difference in a customer coming back to complete their order. Maybe free shipping or 5% off? Tell a joke! Make your customers smile, laugh and then come back to your shop!

What does the email again button do?

It sends the reminder email to the customer again. Be careful not to overdo it, too many emails will annoy the customer!